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Darrell Messer Collection

Photographs presented here were copied from multiple Messer Family albums in the possession of Darrel Messer of Harvey and contain images dating from about 1860 through to 1949. Darrell inherited these images from his father Ezra Messer who in turn inherited the earliest images from his father Allan Messer, who would have been a grandchild of the oldest Messer and Speedy photographs contained in the collection. The 19th century images are made up of variety of photograph types including tintypes, cabinet cards and carte-de-viste. Although some images are identified the majority are not. The albums are interesting in that they trace the diaspora of this family from Harvey to New England and British Columbia although a large number of photographs, particularly early 20th century box camera images seem to have been taken on the family farm on the Frog Lake Road in Harvey.

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