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Emerson Moffitt Collection

A collection of more than 90 photos that were published in the book “Life and Times in Harvey Early in the Last Century As Seen By One Man’s Family” by Amos Moffitt and Son. The book was published in April, 2000 by Emerson Moffitt. The photos originally belonged to Emerson’s uncle George Moffitt. The captions were written by Emerson’s father Amos Moffitt. This collection is a complete and preciously rare record of the life and times of rural Harvey NB from the late 1800’s on through the first decades of the twentieth century. Most photos are from 1900 to about 1940. The original photos have been handed down to Emerson Moffitt’s daughter, Celene Lyon, in Rockport, MA. She sent the photos to David Watson in October 2015 so that he could scan them and share them on this website.

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