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Gee Roberts Collection

Photographs from the collection of Phillip “Gee” Roberts, grandson of Dr. William Chamberlain and Maude D. Glendenning. The collection was sourced from Joan Neptune of Fort Fairfield, Maine. She is a daughter of Gee Roberts. Most photographs in this collection were taken in the early 1900’s and are valuable as they include several streetscapes. The Glendenning family were prominent in the early years of Harvey. David Glendenning arrived in 1862 and was the first licensed schoolteacher in Harvey. In 1868 he was appointed Postmaster, a position which he held until he resigned in 1898. The Glendenning family operated a store next to their home in the village, and in 1906, built a hotel. David’s unmarried daughter Minna operated the hotel and post office until her retirement in 1938.


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