From The Scrapbook By Rev. Bill Randall


April 1995

By Helen Craig

How The Manzers Came To Harvey

In 1868 Harriet Hay was born at the home of her grand 

Annie and Aaron Hay lived in Williamsburg. Harriet married parents, James and Isabelle Cowe in Harvey. Her parents,

Willoughby Avens Manzer in 1884 and they had 9 children. They lived at Nashwaak and in Marysville. Willoughby died in 1904.

In 1911, their second daughter, Annie married Frank Moffitt and moved to Harvey, living on the Tweedside Road. Annie and Frank were second cousins as their grandmothers were sisters, Annie and Mary Cowe.

Ella, their third daughter came to Harvey to teach at the Swamp School (1913), met and married John Moffitt. They lived at Frog Lake. Frank and John were both grandsons Of Andrew Moffitt and Jane Piercy.

In 1916, Harriet, son Dan and daughters Emma and Eva moved to a farm on the Tweedside Road. Upon completing their military service, sons Ray and Avens returned to Harvey rather than Marysville and, entered into a partnership with a black smith shop. By 1924, Avens and his Scottish war bride, Helen, had moved to New Westminister, B.C. where his brother Spurden had been living for about 15 years. In 1920, Ray married Lila Estey from Nashwaaksis and went on to establish his blacksmith shop on the highway at the Swan Road.

Harriet’s youngest daughter, Eva married Allan Tracey, son of Wilmot Tracey and Jane Herbert of Harvey. They lived in Edmundston and Fredericton.

In 1928 Dan married Lila Craig and Emma married T. Kay Craig, daughter and son of John T. Craig and Janet McGowan. Dan and Lila moved to Brownville Jct. ME where Dan worked for the C.P.R. Emma and Kay lived in Harvey where Kay had a garage and was the fire chief.

Harriet Manzer continued to live in Harvey in a house where Milton MacLean now lives. Children and grandchildren visited her including her oldest daughter Lola who married Angus Lyons and lived in various places in N.B. and Maine.

This is an example of what is known as chain migration.

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Willoughby and Harriet:


Their Manzer and Hay

Descendants Helen C. Craig

Source: Rev. Bill Randall’s “From The Scrapbook Vol. One.”

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