Our Purpose

The Harvey Regional Heritage & Historical Association, Inc., commonly referred to as Harvey Heritage, was founded in 2010.

The purpose of the association is to provide a local resource to assist in the preservation, dissemination, and the full inclusion of the history and heritage of the Harvey Rural Community.  

Our Governance

Harvey Heritage is an incorporated, not-for-profit organized community “Volunteer” group, joined by membership, governed by a constitution and by-laws, and managed by an elected board of officers and directors. 

Board members are: Sheryl Bartlett, President; Bill Ross, Vice President & Secretary; Don Moore, Treasurer ; and Directors Betty Piercy, Katherine Henry, Judy McNally, Alexander Bridge, Randy Lynch, Tim Patterson, Adrian Davis, and Wanda Sirio.

Our Funding

In order to fulfill its purpose, it is necessary to maintain physical space for storing documents, photos and heritage items, buy and maintain equipment, and maintain other assets.  All of this requires a certain amount of operating funds.  To this end, we are funded primarily through our own fundraising efforts, membership drives, generous sponsorships of businesses in our community, grants and contributions, and donations from interested citizens.  

Our Meetings

Harvey Heritage holds events throughout the year that include presentations, demonstrations, workshops, meetups and more.  These events are generally open to members and anyone interested in our heritage.  They are generally held at the Heritage Office at the Upper Village Mall as well as locations throughout the Harvey Rural Community.  Notifications of date and times are sent to members by email and generally advertised through social media and other means.  Board of Director meetings are held separately every four to six weeks.

Our Logo

The Harvey Heritage Logo was redesigned by Alexander Bridge in 2023.  

The tree branches represent the reaching out to the many communities in 

the new Harvey RC; with the woven roots representing the deep and diverse 

history of this area.   Click on this link for the fuller story.