Harvey Square

This postcard shows W.W.E. Smith Country Store and the Robison Hotel in the early 1900s, located in the heart of what is now the village

Don Messer Memorial

Dedication of the Don Messer Memorial located in Tweedside, erected in 1973. Inscription: Don Messer, Born: May 9, 1909, Died: March 26, 1973, Born in

Glendenning Home

Undated photo of the former home of David Glendenning (1840-1918) and Jane (Atchison) Glendenning (1838-1916). The home was located on the northeast side of the

Joseph Robison

Joseph Robison (1863-1929) born in Harvey, York County, New Brunswick, was the son of Stephen Robison (1829-1908) and Eleanor Jane Herbert (1842-1920). Stephen emigrated from

Jane Herbert and Ellen Robison

Eleanor “Jane” (Herbert) Robison (1842-1920) and her daughter Ellen (Robison) Hunter (1865-1934). Jane was the daughter of Thomas Herbert (1799-1862) and Isabel Embleton (1804-1892), both

Andrew and Annie Essensa

Andrew Thomas Essensa (1862-1912) and his wife, Annie (Coffey) Essensa (1858-1908). Andrew was the son of Gardner Essensa (1824-1907) and Eleanor (Hunter) Essensa (1817-1913). Annie

Matthew Lister and Marjorie Herbert

Matthew Henry ListerBorn November 6, 1865 died June 29, 1946Son of Edward Irving Lister and Mary Ann Piercy. Marjorie HerbertBorn July 3, 1865 died July

Harold Tracy

Born September 15, 1903 died February 19, 1919Son of Wilmot Tracey and Jennie Herbert. Harold died of influenza in the epidemic of 1919, at theage

William Jamieson

William JamiesonBorn 1818 Londonderry, Ireland died December 27, 1893 UpperMagaguadavicMarried to Esther Wilson William was a Commissioner of Land and Justice of the PeaceFor your

Mary and Peter Wood

Peter WoodBorn July 13/31, 1829 in Roxburghshire, Scotland died October15, 1897Married Mary Anne Cecelia Moffitt in ScotlandBorn July 25/27, 1829 died May 19, 1904She is

Nesbitt Family

Circa 1895 photo of the family of Thomas and Janet (Little)Nesbitt.Thomas Nesbitt, son of George Nesbitt & Elizabeth Embleton.Born 1848 in Harvey. Died 9 Sep

Margaret Craig

Born 1847 in Harvey died May 1, 1900 in Williamsburg.Daughter of James Craig and Mary Hume.Married to John Dorcas from Stanley.

James Craig and Mary Hume

James and Mary married on Dec 14, 1841. James CraigBorn October 5, 1813 in Northumberland, England died August 28, 1902 in Harvey. Mary HumeBorn February

James Craig

Born May 4, 1849 died June 3, 1908Son of James Craig and Mary Hume.Married to Eleanor (Ellen) Craig of Stanley.

Isabella Craig

Born November 6, 1851 in Harvey died August 23, 1924 inWilliamsburg, N,B,She is the daughter of James Craig and Mary Hume,Married to William Dorcas of

Willoby Manzer

1858 – 1904Married to Harriett HaySon of James Avens Manzer and Martha Jane (Patty) Coy.He is buried in the Nashwaak area, but gravestone memorial in

Thomas Davidson Sr.

Thomas DavidsonBorn March 29, 1827 in Sheffield Yorkshire England diedJuly 10, 1903 in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.Came to Canada in 1847Married to Jane Carmichael ( daughter

Minna, Ethel, Jud, and Maude

left to right-Minna Glendenning, Ethel Chamberland, Jud Chamberland, andMaude (Glendenning) Chamberland, Minna and Maude are the children of David and JaneGlendenning. Ethel and Judy are

Minna Glendenning

Minna Glendenning-daughter of David Glendenning and JaneAtchison. The girl is Ethel Chamberland, daughter of Maud Glendenningand Gil Chamberland. Minna was the storekeeper and postmistress in

Maude, Minna and David Glendenning

MaudeDied 1932Married Dr Gil Chamberland. DavidBorn 1840 died 1918married to jane Acheson. MinnaBorn April 24, 1870 died April 25, 1943Never married

David Glendenning

David GlendenningBorn 1840 died 1918David was a native of Richibucto, kent Co, N.B. and came toharvey as a school teacher, His wife Jane was the

Minna Glendenning

Daughter of David and Jane ( Acheson) Glendenning.Born April 4, 1870 died April 25, 1943.

David Glendenning Family

John, Minna , Maud and Ida Glendenning.children of David Glendenning and Jane Atchison. Maud GlendenningBorn January 20 died 1932Married to William Gilbert Chamberland. Minna GlendenningBorn

Myrtle and Ben Robison

Benjamin RobisonBorn August 25, 1881 died _Son of Thomas Robison and Fannie Elkington.Married on Mar 26, 1902 Myrtle McGeeBorn 1884. Died July 19, 1905.Daughter of