Harvey Square

This photo shows Smith’s Store and Robison Hotel. The hotel burned in 1926 and Smith’s Store is still standing today. This photo was taken in

The Little Settlement Monument

September 1942. Dedication of the “Little Monument” at the end of Frog Lake Road. Left to Right: Mrs Herb Little (Margaret Wilkins), Liz Vail (Little)

Harvey Cenotaph

The Harvey Cenotaph was erected to honour those residents who lost their lives in WWI and WWII.

Grieve Homestead

Melvin Grieve farm. This was the homestead of his Father William and greatgrandfather William Grieve

Langley Homestead

Where Pearle Little, teacher boarded.The Lorenzo Langley home, 1st house on left as you enter blue berry plains ,travelling from Harvey to St. Stephen.Had a

Unidentified House

This may be the Louis Rutherford house, in Tweedside. Date on picture is September 30, 1951.

Moffitt Homestead

This is the homestead and barn and view of Frog lake from the house of John and Ella (Manzer) MoffittThis is located on the Frog

Glendenning Home

Undated photo of the former home of David Glendenning & Jane Atchison. The home was located on the N.E. side of the railroad tracks in

Swan Homestead

The Swan homestead- Harry Swan and Jane Piercy which went to his son Matt and to Matt’s son Smith Swan

Briggs Homestead

Homestead of Bessie and Charlie Briggs, then Thomas and Edna Briggs. This house was situated back the road to the left of where Phyllis and

Briggs Homestead

Homestead of Bessie and Charlie Briggs, then Thomas and Edna Briggs. This house was situated back the road to the left of where Phyllis and

Joseph Robison

Born April 26, 1863 died September 12, 1929Son of Stephen Robison and Eleanor Jane HerbertMarried to 1) Mary Ann Johnston 2) Elizabeth Essensa

Jane Herbert and Ellen Robison

Jane Herbert Robison and her daughter Ellen Robison Hunter Eleanor “Jane” HerbertBorn September 19, 1842 died January 22, 1920Daughter of Thomas Herbert and Isabel EmbletonMarried

Andrew and Annie Essensa

Andrew Thomas EssensaBorn December 4, 1862 died April 14, 1912 in Bryson City, N.C., USASon of Gardner Essensa and Ellenor HunterMarried to Annie Coffey Annie

Matthew Lister and Marjorie Herbert

Matthew Henry ListerBorn November 6, 1865 died June 29, 1946Son of Edward Irving Lister and Mary Ann Piercy. Marjorie HerbertBorn July 3, 1865 died July

Harold Tracy

Born September 15, 1903 died February 19, 1919Son of Wilmot Tracey and Jennie Herbert. Harold died of influenza in the epidemic of 1919, at theage

William Jamieson

William JamiesonBorn 1818 Londonderry, Ireland died December 27, 1893 UpperMagaguadavicMarried to Esther Wilson William was a Commissioner of Land and Justice of the PeaceFor your

Mary and Peter Wood

Peter WoodBorn July 13/31, 1829 in Roxburghshire, Scotland died October15, 1897Married Mary Anne Cecelia Moffitt in ScotlandBorn July 25/27, 1829 died May 19, 1904She is

Nesbitt Family

Circa 1895 photo of the family of Thomas and Janet (Little)Nesbitt.Thomas Nesbitt, son of George Nesbitt & Elizabeth Embleton.Born 1848 in Harvey. Died 9 Sep

Margaret Craig

Born 1847 in Harvey died May 1, 1900 in Williamsburg.Daughter of James Craig and Mary Hume.Married to John Dorcas from Stanley.