Here are some interesting links related to the history of the Harvey area.  Links include information on Scotish, Irish, and Loyalist roots.  It is worth noting that groups with other origins have settled in and contributed to the vibrant and rich heritage of the Harvey area.

Contextual History  New Brunswick Scottish History website.  The Irish of New Brunswick at Mid Century: The 1851 Census.  The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.  The pdf file contains interesting analysis of the makeup of the Irish residents enumerated in the 1851 New Brunswick Census.  Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives article entitled “Historical Context: Loyalist New Brunswick”.

Genealogy   Link to family trees for three generations of those who settled in the Harvey area from 1837 to the late 1850’s.   The Canadian version of containing billions of genealogy records, many of which are searchable.  There is an annual fee for joining tied to different levels of access.  It is important to remember that there could be errors since all family trees are user generated, some being better researched than others.  There is free access to the Canadian census from 1851 to 1921.   Free Genealogy website with billions of records.  The Provincial Archives for New Brunswick offers a consolidated search of 35 data bases of historical records.  Library and Archives Canada hosts family history, genealogy information including military, immigration records as well as vital statistics.  A Loyalist collection of resources held at the University of New Brunswick.  The New Brunswick Irish Portal hosted by the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

Organizations  New Brunswick Genealogical Society.  Association Museums New Brunswick.  Council of Archives New Brunswick  United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada.  New Brunswick Scottish Cultural Association.