A Conversation with Harry Cleghorn, 1973 v2

by Rev. Dr. William Randall
Excerpts from an informal interview

The following audio excerpts are from a 1973 interview of Henry “Harry” Robert Cleghorn (16 Jan 1899 – 19 Jan 1981) carried out by Rev. Dr. Bill Randall. Harry was a bachelor who was well known for his expertise as a blacksmith. Harry only had a rudimentary education and went to work in the woods as a young age where he worked on many river drives. In the following tape Harry covers a lot of topics ranging from what he did when he went to work in the woods, to being a seasonal laborer, to fishing and hunting, and of course his career as a blacksmith. Perhaps one of the most interesting stories is his light hearted account of his brush with the law following the discovery that he had been illegally shooting moose one season. Harry was the grandson of George Cleghorn, who settled in South Tweedside in 1853. Hazen has an interesting lilting accent that was once typical of those living in Tweedside and is often referred to as the “Tweedside Twang”. This accent has now largely disappeared.

Track 1 (376 kb, 2:05 min.)

Harry describes how he began working in the woods at age 14 and subsequent river drives (Quality of tape is poor for a few seconds near beginning of track).


Track 2 (468 kb, 2:37 min.)

Harry talks about Injuns and a baby’s grave at Duck Point on the St. Croix River while on a river drive.


Track 3 (316 kb, 1:45 min.)

Harry describes maintaining a trapline around Oromocto Lake.


Track 4 (124 kbb, 0:39 min.)

Harry describes the difficulties of getting by with only seasonal work.


Track 5 (140 kb, 0:45 min.)

Harry talks about his parents and siblings and home life as well as about the Cleghorn migration from Scotland.


Track 6 (168 kb, 0:54 min.)

Harry talks about the fishing in the old days on Oromocto Lake.


Track 7  (848 kb, 4:46 min.)

Harry talks about hunting and then goes on to describe shooting 28 moose one fall and how that resulted in him spending 60 days in jail.


Track 8  (204 kb, 1:06 min.)

Harry describes how bad weather resulted in him getting stuck on the back side of Oromocto Lake while moose hunting.


Track 9 (244 kb, 1:20 min.)

Harry talks about getting older.


Track 10 (276 kb, 1:32 min.)

Harry talks about his mother and family genealogy.


Track 11 (244 kb, 1:21 min.)

Harry talks about Ben Morrow and how he came to Harvey after serving as a soldier in the Brockway garrison which guarded the Brockway Bridge.


Track 12 (400 kb, 2:14 min.)

Harry talks about where the Cleghorns came from in Scotland.


Track 13 (552 kb, 3:06 min.)

Harry describes fishing on the Magaguadavic River.


Track 14 (236 kb, 1:17 min.)

Harry talks about a good fishing hole in the Kedron Lake.


Track 15  (168 kb, 0:54 min.)

Harry talks about how much easier it is to trap using a snowmobile.


Track 16 (552 kb, 3:06 min.)

Harry describes how he became a black smith and making tempered bear traps, horse shoes, and truck parts.


Track 17 (352 kb, 1:57 min.)

Harry discusses his short school career.


Track 18 (264 kb, 1:27 min.)

Harry talks about his nice $200 1966 car, which although rusted out has a good working engine.



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