Edward And Nancy Christie Biography

Edward (Ed) and Nancy Christie were inducted to the Harvey Heritage Wall of recognition for their outstanding contribution in community service.  They were the first to be nominated as a team since their contributions on many projects were inextricably linked.  They also played leadership roles in their own projects. 

Nancy and Ed were both born in the late 1940’s and grew up in Harvey, New Brunswick. They met at Harvey High and hit it off as a couple, retaining that companionship throughout High School.  Nancy went on to study to become a schoolteacher at the University of New Brunswick.  Ed entered the carpenter trade which eventually led to him gaining the requirements to teach the industrial arts course at Harvey High.  They married in 1969 and are still together after more than 50 years.

A look at their accomplishments shows a deep commitment to serving the community, working with children, and sharing their expertise for the greater good.  Everyone in Harvey knows of the Christies and their dedication to helping make the community a better place. 

Major accomplishments and legacy:

Education and working with youth

  • Ed taught Hunter Safety for over 50 years being awarded New Brunswick Instructor of the Year in 2019 by the International Hunter Education Association-Canada (IHEA-Canada).  That included coaching both adults and youth.
  • Ed is a certified archery instructor and taught archery for over 20 years.
  • Nancy initiated and led the tutoring program in the High School for many years, including a special program for Aboriginal children.  She administered the Laubach Tutor Program for Literacy to help adult non-readers basic literacy skills.  She also worked in the library.

Conservation and Stewardship

  • Ed and Nancy were founding members of the Harvey Lake Association with the mission to advance stewardship initiatives for improving lake health.  They spearheaded the waste water treatment line for connecting Harvey Lake residences to the nearby treatment plant in the Village of Harvey, thereby reducing leaching of sewage from aging septic systems into the lake.
  • Both fundraised for Ducks Unlimited for over 30 years by selling tickets, securing sponsorships and collecting donations.  Ed is also known for using his carpentry skills to build over a hundred nest boxes a year that are distributed in many places, including at our Harvey Rural Community waterbodies.  https://www.ducks.ca/stories/volunteers/thirty-years-conservation/

Alzheimer’s research

  • Ed and Nancy collected biological samples from early onset Alzheimer patients in the Harvey area for research being conducted by the United States National Institutes of Health.  The result was the discovery of the gene responsible for the disease providing hope for the development of treatments or even a cure.  https://www.scribd.com/document/490533690/Ticking-Time-Bomb 

Community support

  • In 1995, Ed and Nancy set up a community Television station called Harvey TV through Fundy Cable at the Highschool. The station operated for 18 years until Rogers Cable ended such services in 2009.  http://www.cactusmedia.ca/node/611 
  • Nancy was Chairperson of the Miss Harvey Pageant organizing committee for many years.
  • They helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Harvey Memorial Community Centre by organizing TV Bingo.
  • Church volunteers
  • Ed organized baseball games while Nancy served as bench coach and statistician.  They would help transport team members to tournaments.
  • Ed was volunteer stage manager at the Don Messer music festival held in Harvey in 2009. He has often been called upon to provide audio visual and emcee services for events.
  • Ed has served on several volunteer boards including those for the Harvey Memorial Community Centre, the CHCO Community TV Station, the Fredericton Trap and Skeet Club, the Community Based Policing Program, and the Harvey Lake Association.  Nancy has served on volunteer boards as well, including that for the Harvey Lake Association.

The list of accomplishments for Ed and Nancy Christie is long, highlighting the value they have imparted to the community through their committed approach to volunteerism.  Harvey has been very lucky to be beneficiaries of their diverse volunteer pursuits. 

Prepared by Sheryl Bartlett, May 2023 with notes from Randy Lynch

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