From The Scrapbook By Rev. Bill Randall

From the Scrapbook


By Dr. Bill Randall

Marinated Deer Feet

Did you ever eat marinated deer feet? I tried them once. It was Mac’s idea. I’m referring to Lester McDonald known as Mac at the Rear Road.

Mac and I had some things in common. We were both born in Nova Scotia; we both had experienced polio; we both liked dogs, and we both administered our individual forms of comfort to the distressed.

Where we came from in Nova Scotia they make ‘Head Cheese’. Scrapings from around the skull of a butchered pig and the gelatinous substance found in the joints of the feet. With herbs and spices it’s made into a loaf which can be sliced to provide an `hors d’oeuvre’. But pickled deer feet was new to me.

Mac suggested I come back some night and try it. Any mealtime visit to Mac’s would be an adventure. He met you at the door yelling at the old bitch to shut up and booting her (I’m speaking of a dog) under the cot with the old dog and the pup. Big shaggy mean watch dogs?

Then, from under the same cot, Mac brought out a gallon glass jug with something in it. At first I thought they were tad poles gently undulating in the marinade the glass jug wasn’t really all that clean, what with the muddy dogs, the muddy boots, a few partially cured deer skins and a few other unrelated items – like dog bones under there.

Mac unscrewed the lid and fished out a joint with this fingers and offered it to me. Now Mac frequently treated his friends to liquid refreshments but being the Minister, I got tea. Black, black tea…and I needed it. You see, you couldn’t just bite the morsel of deer feet and swallow it. It was bone, so you had to sort of suck on it. Agh…

I do not recommend marinated deer feet, but I do remember fondly the character at Rear Road.

Source: Rev. Bill Randall’s “From The Scrapbook

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