From The Scrapbook By Rev. Bill Randall

From The Scrapbook December 2000 

Dr. Bill Randall

Demolition Of Black’s Store

Probably one of the most significant events that has changed the look of the Village of Harvey was the December demolition of Black’s Store. I sat and watched most of it from Thursday noon until Wednesday morning, and hundreds of questions passed through my mind. What is the history of that complex of buildings?

I could find some of the answers here in my Harvey Historical Association office and library, but when I thought about asking other old people, I came starkly up against the reality — we old folks are dying off and memories are failing!

I thought it might be appropriate to share with you some of the facts I could find, and in that research some other facts that might soon be forgotten.

1885, Samuel Hunter returned to N.B.

1889, Peter McClimot sold store to Samuel Blac Hunter.

1915, Sam Hunter sold store to brother-in-law Richard Hunter Davis. 1918, Richard Davis put concrete wall under store.

The Davis’ Store operated by Inez Davis, Willard Davis and Jane Grobe until sometime after 1965. Do you know when they closed it — I don’t?

Inez Davis went to Swan Haven Nursing Home where she lived till her death in 1977.

Herb Swan owned Swan Haven, but when did he buy it? The patients who had been in the old Hospital were moved to the New Hospital March 9, 1965.

But those facts didn’t help me find out when the Davis family sold the store to Vern Frazer and Danny Cameron. Gerry Piercy bought from them in 1980, operated and enlarged it till Dec. 27, 1990 when he sold to Sandra and Rodney Black — The Black’s built the new store and moved in early December.

In struggling with this story I find other dates that may soon be forgotten.

May 5, 1962 – Harvey Creamery sold to Capital Corp.

August 1, 1954 — High School struck by lightening.

July 11, 1960 — Kay Craig’s garage burned.

August 24, 1945 — Corner stone laid for Bank Building.

July 20, 1969 — First landing on Moon.

June 27, 1970 — Opening of Mactaquac Dam.

June 12, 1967— First Municipal Election held. Al Knowlton elected Mayor.

April 1965 Elementary School started.

Source: Rev. Bill Randall’s “From The Scrapbook Vol. One.”

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