From The Scrapbook By Rev. Bill Randall

From The Scrapbook

1989, Oct. 25

By Dr. Bill Randall

Andrew Hay Dies

Coburn’s Corner in Harvey, where the formaldehyde truck recently overturned, was very near the site of the first death in Harvey, probably in late summer of 1837.

Alexander Hay received Lot 13 West in the “draw”, and his two young sons John and Andrew came to that lot to clear the land and build a cabin for their parents and family. One evening, young Andrew felt a severe abdominal pain and his older brother John felt he should rush immediately to Fredericton – 35 miles distant – to alert their parents and seek medical help.

Andrew however pleaded not to be left alone in this wilderness with his suffering, so brother John stayed with him and administered what comfort he could. Sadly Andrew soon died, probably of acute appendicitis.

John had to make the sorrowing trip to Fredericton anyway. The parents came out to this lonely settlement and buried their son right there.

For many years the stone marker was observed by the early settlers but eventually the stone was removed to the cemetery opposite the Knox Presbyterian Church.

Source: Rev. Bill Randall’s “From The Scrapbook Vol. One.

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