Harvey Regional Heritage & Historical Association

The Harvey Regional Heritage & Historical Association, or more familiarly known as Harvey Heritage, was founded in 2010 to preserve the history and heritage of Harvey and surrounding area. The purpose of the HRH&HA is to bring together people interested in the history of Harvey, to promote historical study of the community and preservation of historical documents and artifacts. The HRH&HA actively collects, preserves and maintains historical photos, genealogies, oral histories, videos and any other unique and important historic records.  Some of its activities include:

Harvey Heritage is a not-for-profit organized community “Volunteer” group, joined by membership, governed by a constitution and by-laws, and managed by an elected board of officers and directors. Our mandate is “to Collect and Protect” the heritage and history of the Harvey area.  Current officers are:  Bill Ross (President), Judy McNally (Secretary), and Don Moore (Treasurer).  The Vice-president position is currently vacant.

In order to fulfill the mandate “To Collect and Protect”, it is necessary to maintain physical space for storing documents, photos and heritage items, buy and maintain equipment, and maintain other other assets.  All of this requires a certain amount of operating funds.  To this end, we are funded primarily through our own fundraising efforts, membership drives, generous sponsorships of businesses in our community, and donations from interested citizens.  To date, we have not received any Provincial or Federal funding.

Coordinates etc

  • Harvey Heritage office location:  Upper Village Mall, Unit 7, 2306 Route 3 in Harvey, York County, New Brunswick, E6K 1P2
  • Office hours:  Wednesdays, 11 am to 2 pm.
  • Meetings:  3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Harvey Heritage Office
  • Email:  harveyhistoricalassociation@gmail.com  *NEW*
  • Facebook Page:  Harvey Regional Heritage &Historical Association
  • Facebook Group:  Old Harvey Photos
  • Youtube Channel:  Harvey Heritage

Help us by joining us!   Only $5 a year!  To become a member fill out the Membership Form 2018 and send it to us by mail or drop it off at our office.

We also welcome volunteers who can help scan documents, organize materials, do research, and help with fundraising.

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