Harvey Heritage Logo Redesign of 2023

With the Harvey Regional Heritage & Historical Association considering shortening its name for daily use, Association Director, Alexander Bridge who’d spearheaded the discussion, volunteered to create a logo expressing this new path in order to expand the awareness of the association’s historical knowledge, archival resources and ongoing work. 

Bridge, a semi-retired graphic designer and writer, reviewed his concept ideas with members. The final design, a spreading tree with a network of interconnected roots caught the members’ imagination. Members agreed the new logo represents the full inclusion of the history and heritage of Harvey Rural Community. For example, in Indigenous culture, trees are regarded as community members.

Trees not only embody all life on earth, but they are our longest living life form, contributing to our planet’s very survival. Via their tree rings, they share stories embodying the past as well as the present. 

Further, Bridge saw in the extended tree branches, a symbol of reaching out to the many communities in the new Harvey RC; with the woven roots representing the deep and diverse history of this area. Trees, everyone agreed, record our many journeys, since where we come from, often shapes the most interesting part of our lives.

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