Interviews with Seniors

Learn how you can obtain copies of interviews that have been conducted with seniors who lived in the Harvey region. 

The Harvey Regional Heritage & Historical Association, Harvey Heritage for short, presents interviews done with seniors who lived in the Harvey region.  The interviews were created by the HRH&HA and many of them were broadcast on CHCO-TV, a the local television station in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.   Ed Christie did the videography for many of the videos.  Dr. William Randall conducted some of the interviews while others were conducted by members of HRH&HA.

Harvey Heritage wanted to preserve recollections of seniors living in the Harvey area about how things were done in that past, who the residents were, and some of the blessings and the challenges experienced in days gone by.

These interviews are being made available as a fundraiser for Harvey Heritage to help support the work of the Association.  Individual interviews can be ordered for $10 each as a fundraiser .  Below is a sampler of interviews:

Interviews shown on CHCO-TV were of

  • Ambrose (Hood) McGee, Arnold Vail, Avis Harris, Bernice Coburn,
  • Billy Messer, Bryce Hare, Clayton Piercy, Doris Piercy, Edith Lowery,
  • Elinor Holland, Ethyl Little, Harold (Tommy) Swan, Henry James,
  • Kay Williams, Marilyn Little & Kay Williams, Mary Hood, Orlie Maclean,
  • Royden Piercy, Ruth Craig, Shirley Jamieson, Wanda Lister, and Wilma Donnelly.

Dr. William Randal’s interviewed a number of residents.  On video

  • Beverly Weeks, Carl Vail, Earl Patterson, and Maurice Lister.

He also conducted three audio only interviews of

  • Harry Cleghorn, Hazen Patterson, and Hazen Patterson Disk 2.

An additional audio only interview was done of

  • Marjorie (Hood) Bell

Interviews can be sent either as a MP4 file by email or as a DVD by regular mail for an extra $5 shipping charge.  To order interviews, please print and fill out the order form by clicking on the link below and either send by email or regular mail to Harvey Heritage as specified in the order form.  If you have any questions, please send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Harvey Heritage Interviews Order Form v2

Proceeds go towards supporting the work of Harvey Heritage including the upkeep of the website and the heritage office.  We thank all our supporters!

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