This was taken from a write up by Joe Fletcher:
By the turn of the century The All Saints Anglican Church in Magaguadavic (built in 1869) became too crowded do to the population growth in the area. This led to the current church being built. In 1921, the old church was moved and a larger structure erected, consecrated, and dedicated to worship. Most of the joists and carrying beams used in this church were out of the original church built in 1869. When the Bishop consecrated the church, several ministers were in attendance with their wives. After the service, Jesse Hamilton found a necklace with a cross. No one ever claimed it and she wore it every day until she died. In later years, it was discovered that a plain goblet and a very fancy Eucharist plate that was presented to all Saints Church by Anglican Church evangelists (known as “The Church Army”), sometime after 1882, had been removed during the construction and 1921. They were given to one of the ladies for safekeeping. They accidentally got packed away and it was 85 years later that they were discovered and returned to the church. It was said at that time that God looks after his own in some mysterious way.

Date unknown.

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