John, Minna , Maud and Ida Glendenning.
children of David Glendenning and Jane Atchison.

Maud Glendenning
Born January 20 died 1932
Married to William Gilbert Chamberland.

Minna Glendenning
Born April 24, 1870 died April 25, 1943 In 1868 David Glendenning was appointed postmaster in Harvey. He had come to Harvey as its first licensed school teacher in 1862. He came from Galloway, Kent County. In May of 1898 David retired as postmaster and his daughter Mina M. Glendenning became the post mistress, a position she held for 40 years. That post office was located in the building owned by Floyd Thompson.
Minna and her parents are all buried in the Harvey
Settlement Cemetery.

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