Isabelle and Elizabeth Nesbitt.
daughters of Thomas nesbitt and Janet Little.

Isabelle (Belle) Nesbitt
Born April 18, 1873 died November 14, 1954
Married to James “Wesley” Patterson.
Belle and Wes lived on the farm presently owned by Jeff and Amber Swan.
They had 7 children- Hazel, Annie, Margaret, Orman, Jennie, Vera and Mina.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Nesbitt
Born October 24, 1876 died June 2, 1935
Married to Alexander ” Jardine Wilson.
Levi Wilson and Margaret Nesbitt were attendants at Lizzie and Jardine’s wedding. They lived in Portland, maine for several years after their marriage and their 3 children were born there and infant son Phillip died there. For a time after their return to Harvey, Jardine was manager of the Farmers Trading Co store, He was a well known carpenter.
3 children- Edward ( 1907- 1967) Phillip (1909- died as
infant) and Jennie ( 1912- 1925)

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