Peter Wood
Born July 13/31, 1829 in Roxburghshire, Scotland died October
15, 1897
Married Mary Anne Cecelia Moffitt in Scotland
Born July 25/27, 1829 died May 19, 1904
She is the daughter of John Moffitt and Janet Gladstone

Peter and Mary came to the Harvey settlement in 1851 with
son Peter, age 1 and his sister Margaret. In the 1861
census, Peter was a farmer and land surveyer, They had 8
children.( One of whom is my great grandmother Jessie
(Wood) Swan)
Another child was Janet “Jeanette” Wood, a sister to Jessie
who married Ned James.- who would be a great grandmother to Barb (James) Hatfield.

Barb found this picture in the attic of her fathers house.
Peter and Mary are buried in the Harvey Cemetery.

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