A Conversation with Hazen Patterson, 1989 v2

by Rev. Dr. William Randall
Excerpts from an informal interview

The following audio excerpts are from a 1989 interview of George ‘Hazen’ Patterson (2 Aug 1894 – 15 Apr 1992) carried out by Rev. Dr. Bill Randall. Hazen, who was very active right up to the time of his death, was 94 at the time of the interview carried out in his kitchen in Tweedside. Although Hazen spent most of his life as a farmer and lumberer he always enjoyed talking about the relatively short time that he spent working as a fireman on the railway for Canadian Pacific Railway from 1913-1919. Hazen was the grandson of William Patterson, who came out with the original Cornelius party to found Harvey Settlement in 1837. Although Hazen’s accent is primarily flattened North American in character his speech still contains elements of Northumbrian pronunciation in some words.

Track 1 (388 kb, 2:09 min.)

Hazen as a boy at home in Tweedside.

Track 2 (468 kb, 2:37 min.)

Hazen comments on his father constructing the Presbyterian church in Harvey and on the death of his brother Sterling of appendicitis.

Track 3 (1.2 Mb, 7:21 min.)

Hazen goes to work for the railroad in 1913.

Track 4 (1.1 Mb, 6:37 min.)

Life as a fireman on the railroad.

Track 5 (536 kb, 3:00 min.)

An anecdotal story from Hazen’s railroading days 1913-1919.

Track 6 (1.1 Mb, 6:56 min.)

Hazen recounts on being in a train wreck in 1913.

Track 7 (684 Kb, 3:50 min.)

Hazen recalls the big Brownville, Me. wreck of 1919.

Track 8 (476 Kb, 2:39 min.)

Working for the railroad in Montreal and a story about John Pollock.

Track 9 (880 Kb, 4:57 min.)

Returning home to farm and log when his father dies in 1918.

Track 10 (616 Kb, 3:27 min.)

More stories about farming, trucking and logging.

Track 11 (332 Kb, 1:50 min.)

Price of land in Harvey area in early days.

Track 12 (420 Kb, 2:20 min.)

The old trail from Tweedside to Frog Lake.

Track 13 (516 Kb, 2:53 min.)

Stories about various families including the Passes, Pollock’s, Hay’s & Johnson’s.

Track 14 (500 Kb, 2:48 min.)

Stories about various families including Johnston’s & Brown’s.

Track 15 (444 Kb, 2:29 min.)

George Brown’s car accident.

Track 16 (368 Kb, 2:02 min.)

Commuting to work stories and a comment on son Coburn.

Track 17 (404 Kb, 2:15 min.)

Reflections on health and health care in Harvey.

Track 18 (1.4 Mb, 8:27 min.)

Logging discussion.

Track 19 (680 Kb, 3:49 min.)

Patterson logging operations in 1989 – 1.

Track 20 (1 Mb, 6:21 min.)

Patterson logging operations in 1989 – 2.

Track 21 (984 Kb, 5:33 min.)

Patterson logging operations in 1989 – 3.

Track 22 (696 Kb, 3:55 min.)

Logging across Oromocto Lake.

Track 23 (752 Kb, 4:14 min.)

Final thoughts on lumbering.

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