Gordon J. Feeney Biography

Gordon Feeney was born and grew up on a farm in Harvey, York County, New Brunswick.  His parents were Arnold Edward Feeney (1910-1987) and Alice Gertrude (McDade) Feeney (1921-2007).  He is married to Donna Mae (Coburn) Feeney and they currently live in Toronto.

Gordon Feeney commenced his career as a bank clerk at the Royal Bank of Canada’s Branch in Harvey Station.   Gordon’s skills, knowledge, networks, and personality led him through every level of management in RBC’s structure, finally retiring as Deputy Chairman of RBC Financial Group.  His well-known leadership abilities has led to appointments on several corporate, community and service related Boards of Directors.  He retired from RBC in 2001 after 42 years of service.

He served as President of Canada Post from 2004 to 2007.

In addition to the above stated positions, he has served as

  • Honorary Chairman of VRG Capital Corp,
  • Chairman of Rideau Inc. (also known as Recognition Solutions Inc.),
  • Chairman of Rainsford Lane Prestige Properties Ltd. and Canadian Management Center,
  • Chairman at Royal Mutual Funds, Inc.,
  • Chairman of Finance Corporation of Bahamas Ltd.,
  • Numerous directorships.

Over the years, Gordon and Donna have made significant contributions to philanthropic initiatives and run the Gordon And Donna Feeney Family Foundation supporting healthcare and social welfare organizations.


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