Brockway Millwheel

Brockway Millstone. Image Source: Sheryl Bartlett

Reuben Brockway built a grist mill in Brockway in the early days of its settlement, which later burned down. The millstone is now part of a memorial in the Brockway Cemetery next to the Brockway Union Church located at 5026 Route 3 in Brockway, New Brunswick.  The church was built in 1890 by Robert Vail and Robert Young.  The cemetery land was donated by first settler  Reuben Brockway (1775-1865) for burial of  his wife, Anne (1775- 1841).  There are now over 400 burials in the cemetery.

The following links contain more information about the Brockway Millstone and the settlement of Brockway.  

History of Brockway  From the Scrapbook by Dr. Rev.  Bill Randall.

Brockway Union Church




Commemorating the pioneer settlers of Brockway * Founded in 1818

Reuban Brockway * Solomon Stone * Rufus Brockway * Solomon Vail * Thomas Cloney * James Young * William Dowling


This stone is from Reuban Brockway’s grist mill which was located on Brook Styx in the early 1800s.  It was recovered from that location in 1955 to commemorate the pioneer settlers of Brockway and was moved to this location in 1983.


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