Harvey Square

This photo shows Smith’s Store and Robison Hotel. The hotel burned in 1926 and Smith’s Store is still standing today. This photo was taken in

G.W. Coburn and Sons

John Piercy was the founder of a store which did business in groceries, dry goods and general supplies. When John and family moved to British

Royal Bank 1963

Royal Bank in March of 1963. The Royal Bank has since moved locations and the original building now serves as apartments.

Train Station 1963

Harvey’s train station in March of 1963. The train station has since been torn down.

Coburn’s Store Fire

The premises of G.W. Coburn and Sons, Harvey,destroyed by fire on February 26. Store, feed shed, smallshed and dwelling. Loss of $35,000 was entailed, includingcontents

Oromocto Lake Lodge

From a postcard: Oromocto Lake LodgeNew modern Lodge and Camps.located 9 miles south of Harvey Station, N.B.Route 3 from Vanceboro. Route 4 Calais Me. Date

Paradise Lodge

In front: Lewis Swan, Dave Groves, Ernest Swan,Behind: Austin Moffitt. Date unknown.

Coburn’s Store

Undated photo of what is believed to be Coburn’s store,run by John Ervin Coburn. The store was located at the end of Tweedside Road. The