From The Scrapbook By Rev. Bill Randall

From The Scrap Book

Students Poems 1935

July 27, 1990

By: Dr. Bill Randall

It would be. fun to start my column “Miner strikes Rich Gold Vein!” I can’t do that but I can come close! The Harvey Historical Association (H.H.A.) recently fell heir to the Scrap Books of the late Dora Hunter. Through the kindness of Jean Dykeman (formerly Jean Hunter, „window of the late Herb Dykeman), these scrapbooks will remain the archives of the H.H.A.

One item I just must share with you! In your memory, picture the little two-room school which was located at the site of the present Village Bakery. One of the imaginative teachers, (and I suspect it was Dora Hunter), encouraged the students to select a place of interest to them in the Village and write a verse about it.

Here are the verses and the names of their authors. Not only were they an excellent exercise for the school children of 1935, but they are excellent reminders of the things that were of interest in the Harvey Community. 


Represented by Harvey School children

1935 HARVEY CREAMERY (Bill and Patsy McLean)

There is a Creamery in Harvey

Where they make butter for sale.

They put the cream into a great big churn

And take butter out by the pail.

This Creamery is owned by the three McLean’s
They have cream cans galore
And every day they get more  cream
And make more butter and more.

SMITH’S STORE (Eleanor Wood)
Smith’s Store has been in Harvey
For years and years and years,
You can always get what you want,

So you don’t have to shed any tears,

They have groceries, candy and dry goods,
And needles and big baby dolls,
They have everything you can imagine,
And they get many telephone calls.

There is a farm up an a hill,
It’s owned by Hanselpacker’s,
And if you want some big goose eggs,

Go there and get double yolkers.

They keep a herd of Jersey cows,
with Skins as soft as silk,
And if you want to grow big and fat,
Go there and get some milk.

HEN FARM  (Marjorie Wood)
There is a hen farm in this town,
It’s kept by Mr. Wood,
And if you want a feed sometime,
His hens are very good.

Mr. Ford Messer and son,
In a barn just down the road,
Have car loads of western horses;
That can pull a heavy load.

COMMUNITY HALL (Yvonne Cougle)
I represent Mr. and Mrs. Taylor,
Who returned a short time ago,
They received a hearty greeting,
From the people that they  know.

An important building in Harvey,
Is the Taylor Memorial Hall,
whom we used to know so well.

It will always be a remembrance,

Of what Taylor’s have done for us all,

And I know we can never forget them.

SECTIONMEN MEN (Ronald Corey Foster Coburn Donald Essensa Richard Cougle)

We represent the section men,

Who work on the C.P.R,
Harry Little, Wilmont Tracy,
Amos Essensa, Sherman Harris,
Hurrah for the section men.

POST OFFICE (Margaret Essensa)
The Post Mistress of Harvey,
Is Miss Glendenning you know,
She has been very faithful,
In summer and time of snow.

She has worked here for thirty years,
And she received a medal and bow,
From this Majesty King George the Fifth,

Now wasn’t that quite a show.

HALFORD’S STORE (Ernest Halford)
I represent Frank Halford’s Store,
Just across the track,
He sells soft drinks and ice cream,
Candy, gum and pic-o-bac.


HOTEL (Ersel Corey)
The only hotel in Harvey,
Is up on the Acton Hill,
Where Mrs. Robison cooks such good food,

That travellers are craving still.

ROYAL BANK (Alton Corey)
The Royal Bank of Harvey,
Is known so far away.
In Harvey it is managed,
By Mr. Orr and Mr. Leonard Gay.

GARAGE (Floyd Swan)
The garage that is in the village,
Is run by the four Swan boys,
And if ever your car is a damaged,
They’ll fix it with a great deal of noise.

I represent Mr. Kirkland,
Of the Presbyterian Church,
He comes to us from Ontario,
Among our people to preach.

Odbur Little has a farm,
On the side of Cherry Hill,
He keeps Ayshire and Jersey cows,
And never a one is ill.

DAVIS’ STORE (Elaine Davis)
There is a store in Harvey,
Owned by R. Davis and son,
They sell everything you can imagine,
From needles to hot cross buns.

COFFEY’S STORE  (Herbert Dykeman)
I represent Dave Coffey’s Store,
Where he sells all things nice,
Butter meat and candy,
Coffee, eggs and rice.

CHAS ROBISON’S FARM (Stewart Cougle)
There is a farm in Harvey,
Campburn is its name,
Its owned by Mr. Robison,
And never lacks in fame.

The largest farm in Harvey,
Is owned by Marshal Robison,
He works so hard so very hard,
Non stops at set of sun.

BARBER SHOP (Shirley Wood)
The only barber shop in town,
Is owned by Mr. Wood,
He cuts your hair and shaves your face,
And makes you look quite good.

An important building in Harvey,
Is the Messer blacksmith shop,
Where you go to shoe your horses,
And make the iron hot.

Mr. McKay of the  United church,
Lives in the manse on the hill,
He is the leader of the Luxis Boys,

And has positions to fill.

PUMP HOUSE  (Dorothy Magee)
Mr. Magee runs the pump house,
At the Harvey Station Lake,
The trains would have not water,
If it were not for his sake.

HARVEY’S DOCTOR (Edwin Coffey)
I represent Dr. Dougan,
Who makes all people well,
The good he has done in  Harvey

Not one of us can tell

MURRAY’S MILL (Ambrose Magee)
I represent Mr. Murray’s Mill,
Right by the side of Cherry Hill,
He makes excelsior boards and stakes,
And grinds the buckwheat for, our pancakes.

I represent Mr. Frank Coburn,
A councilor in this town,
He also is my grandfather,
And a gentleman of renown.

Source: Rev. Bill Randall’s “From The Scrapbook Vol. One.”

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