Wall of Recognition

Janet Watson

Source: Sheryl Bartlett

Harvey Regional Heritage & Historical Association Wall of Recognition Inductee

Over the years, thousands of people have appreciated and enjoyed the fruits of Janet’s almost daily work of collecting, digitizing, documenting and sharing heritage photos of people and places from the Harvey area. The collection now has many hundreds of photos, a resource that is hard to beat anywhere. They have found their way into people’s family trees and onto websites describing the history of our community. This contribution fits exactly with the HRHHA’s mission to “Collect and Preserve” Harvey’s history.  She also compiled and contributed to  local family histories.  An active member of the community, she took volunteer positions and raised funds for the Saint Andrews United Church, the Kidney Foundation, Christmas Mommies, Terry Fox Run, Harvey Memorial Community Centre, and the Art Smith Seniors Complex. 


Prepared by Harvey Heritage, 2023