Village of Harvey, 50th Anniversary

The Village of Harvey held an event on November, 6, 2016 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the village.

Over 140 people attended with Mayor, Winston Gamblin and Councillors, Richard Corey, Dave McMullin, and Brad Howse officiating.  Speeches were given the Mayor, MP Karen Ludwig, MLA Carl Urquhart, and Deputy Premier Stephen Horsman.   Afterwards, groups formed to brainstorm ideas about new projects that could enhance the village for residents both within and the surrounding area.  Cake and healthy snacks were served and Harvey Heritage had prepared a slide show depicting aspects of the village in and around 1966 that ran continuously throughout the event.  For viewing the presentation, please click this link:  Harvey Station in 1966


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3 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your 50th !
    I enjoyed the photos and comments, Remarkable, TY Although Harvey has had many changes over the years, I found it recognizable during my visit this past summer. I look forward to next summer.

  2. I love the choice of photo for the front page slide. Really interesting going through those photos. When I curled regularly as a junior I used to end up in Harvey fairly often, so I was a bit sad to find out that the curling rink needs repair. I wish them success in that project.

    Also, I am really impressed by what the Harvey Historical Association has done with this website. I’ve been trying to research stories, folklore, and history of a few areas in NB, and it is a bit tough doing this outside of the province. Many town and county historical societies have rather limited information online. This should be held up as a great example of the right way to improve access to historical information. So many thanks, I have so much left to read.

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