Harry A. Corey Biography

Harry Corey was born in Temperance Vale, New Brunswick on March 12, 1901 to William Allen Corey and Maud Laura (MacFarlane) Corey.  Temperance Vale is located just North of Nackawic.  On October 22, 1924 he was married to Nelda Stairs in Woodstock, New Brunswick.  They had three children.

Harry Corey began his career in the forest industry moving to Harvey Station in 1934. There, he became a successful business entrepreneur.  Centered on the lumber business, he was a prime broker in saw logs, pulp logs, spool wood, and export pit props through freehold ownership, leased land and contracted relationships. During the company’s peak, Harry A. Corey Ltd employed upwards of 600 employees.

In 1944, Harry Corey was elected as a Member of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly, and served 2 terms in the legislature representing York County.  In 1953 and 1958 he served as President of the New Brunswick Liberal Party.

Mr. Corey demonstrated strong leadership in business, politics, and his Harvey community. He was instrumental in obtaining electric power for the area, upgrading area roads, gaining a high school to serve the area. He served on many community organizations such as the Harvey Improvement Corporatio, the Harvey Community Hospital Limited, Harvey Community Benefit, and the Hauling Match Committee. He was a generous philanthropist, particularly in his community.

Harry A. Corey passed away on January 20, 1989.

Prepared by John Robison and Sheryl Bartlett, Harvey Regional Heritage & Historical Association


Testimonial Dinner held on October 23, 1973

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