Wall of Recognition

Harry A. Corey

Source: Jane Fiander

Corporate and community leader and executive, New Brunswick political leader

Harry Corey was born in Temperance Vale, New Brunswick on March 12, 1901, making his home in Harvey Station in 1934.

Harry Corey was a business entrepreneur in Harvey Station during the 1930s through 1980s. Centered on the lumber business, he was a prime broker in saw logs, pulp logs, spool wood, and export pit props through freehold ownership, leased land and contracted relationships. During the company’s peak, Harry A. Corey Ltd employed upwards of 600 employees.  He was also active in politics as an elected member of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly and as president of the New Brunswick Liberal Party.  As well, he was a generous contributor to the Harvey community.

Harry A. Corey passed away on January 20, 1989.

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Prepared by Harvey Heritage, 2018