Wall of Recognition

Inez Davis

Source: Cheryl Coburn

Royal tutor and caregiver for the family of the Prince of Siam

Inez Davis was born June 24, 1889 in Harvey. After attending Teacher’s college, she became a tutor. This led her to Boston, Massachusetts where in the 1920’s she accepted the job of tutoring the daughter of Professor F.B. Sayre and his wife Jessie.  This led to her being hired to tutor the 3 children of the Prince and Princess Mahidol of Siam.

After a one year voyage around the world with the Mahidol family, the voyage ended in Bangkok where she stayed to continue to tutor the Royal children, Ananda, Kalyani and Phuniphon.

Inez Davis – From the Scrapbook

Prepared by the Harvey Regional Heritage & Historical Association

October, 2018