From The Scrapbook By Rev. Bill Randall

From The Scrapbook

1995 Oct.30

By Dr. Bill Randall

Ceremony Held To Celebrate Opening Of New Extension

The annex at the Art Smith Seniors’ Complex was officially opened on Thursday evening with dignitaries, residents of the complex and members of the community joining in the celebration.

Harold Culbert, MP for Carleton-Charlotte, and John Flynn, MLA for York, held the ribbon while Art Smith, president of Harvey Housing Inc., did the honors. Due to other commitments, Premier Frank McKenna was unable to at tend as expected. He sent his regards, saying, “I congratulate you and those who have joined you for this very special evening. Please convey my best wishes to all.”

Infrastructure Program

Mr. Culbert expressed his delight at being present for the ceremony and in having assisted with obtaining funding through the infrastructure program. Although the addition to the annex did not meet the exact criteria for Infrastructure money, “there was indeed a need in the community for this addition,” said Mr. Culbert.

In a partnership that was funded equally by the three partners,  federal government, provincial government and municipal or local sponsoring organization — a four-unit annex was added to the existing 10-unit complex.

John Flynn commented that the original complex and the completed addition “both started with a vision and dream of Mr. Smith and the board of directors of Harvey Housing Inc. There was a real need for adequate housing and quality housing for our seniors in this area.”

Unique Features

Winston Gamblin, mayor of Harvey and also president of the Harvey Lions Club, which supported the building of the annex with a fund-raiser, brought greetings, saying that the people in this area were very generous in donating time and money to this project.

Designed by Jon V. Oliver of Design Collaborative Limited, Fredericton, and constructed by contractor Joey Jones of Harvey, the annex contains two one-bedroom apartments and two two-bedroom apartments.

Mr. Oliver, who has designed over 50 housing units for seniors, indicated that many unique qualities were built into this building, including levered door handles, high electrical receptacles and easily reached light switches, bathroom doors that open outward, pull cords placed in strategic places which can be used to summon assistance and a state-of-the-art security system for the building.

Ann Feeney, property manager and secretary-treasurer for Harvey Housing Inc., which manages the complex, paid special tribute to the residents of the original building for “their patience, understanding and endurance while the addition was being constructed.”

On behalf of the board of directors, Mrs. Feeney welcomed the new tenants, indicating that many of them had sold their homes that they had lived in for 50 years or more and are now adjusting to a new home in the complex. “Seniors are very resilient and have adapted well to this change in their lives,” she said. “Keep up the good work and this place will continue to be not just a building but a home.”

The board hosted guests in the lounge for coffee and refreshments.

Built In 1986

The complex, which was originally built in 1986, has been blended to give the single-storey structure a unified look. Mr. Smith, in whose honor the complex was renamed several years ago, indicated that before the annex was added, there was a waiting list of 25.

“With the new units, the waiting list is still just as long and maybe even longer,” he chuckled. “I want to thank all the people who helped in accomplishing this addition.”

ANNEX OPENS — Harold Culbert, left, MP for Carleton-Charlotte; Art 

Smith, president of Harvey Housing Inc., and John Flynn, MLA for York, cut the ribbon to open the Art Smith Seniors’ Complex Annex officially at a ceremony held recently in Harvey. The extension adds a total of four apartments to this complex for senior citizens.

Source: Rev. Bill Randall’s “From The Scrapbook Vol. One.”

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