Monuments in Harvey Rural Community

The Harvey region in York County boasts a rich heritage that fills its residents, both past and present, with immense pride. This pride is evident in the numerous monuments that have been thoughtfully erected to honor significant events, historical settlements, and noteworthy individuals. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of these monuments, complete with descriptive links and their respective locations. Many of these links will direct you to the Harvey Settlement website, a valuable resource curated by Dr. Tim Patterson, offering a wealth of information about the early settlers hailing from the borderlands of Scotland and England.


The map below shows the location of each monument with photographs.  Just click on the location symbol.  All photos were taken by Sheryl Bartlett and are copyright free.

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Brockway Millwheel

Brockway Millstone. Image Source: Sheryl Bartlett Reuben Brockway built a grist mill in Brockway in the early days of its settlement, which later burned down.

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