Preserving and Sharing the Rich Heritage of Harvey Rural Community

Harvey Heritage is dedicated to exploring, collecting, and protecting the historical treasures of Harvey Rural Community, a region shaped by the rich histories of the Village of Harvey, Manners Sutton, Dumfries, Prince William, Kingsclear, and New Maryland. Dive into our expansive digital archive and discover photos, documents, and narratives that paint a vibrant picture of our unified heritage. Support our preservation efforts by becoming a member of our community or making a contribution.

Train Station 1963

Harvey’s train station in March of 1963. The station has since been torn down with part of it moved to another location.

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The Cenotaph in Harvey RC. Photo taken in 2017 by Sheryl Bartlett Located in the village, this memorial was erected by the Harvey community to

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Davis Monument

Davis Monument located in Davis Park in Harvey Station, New Brunswick. Located in Davis Park within the Village of Harvey, this monument is dedicated to

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Harvey Settlers Monument

Commemorating settlers who came from the borderlands of Scotland and England in 1837 Harvey settlement was founded in 1837 by settlers predominantly from Wooler, Northumberland

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Don Messer Memorial

Don Messer Memorial located on Tweedside Road, Harvey Rural Community, New Brunswick. Photo taken July 5, 2024 by Alexander Bridge. Don Messer, born on Tweedside

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Indigenous History Resources

Before colonial settlement in New Brunswick, the indigenous peoples sustained themselves by hunting, fishing, and cultivating crops. Three distinct groups asserted their territorial claims in

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Sarah Edmonds Memorial

This monument commemorating Sarah Emma Edmonds, born in Magaguadavic in 1841, is located on Saunders Road off of Farm Point Road on the way to

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Photos from our archives

Harold Tracy

Born September 15, 1903 died February 19, 1919Son of Wilmot Tracey and Jennie Herbert. Harold died of influenza in the epidemic of 1919, at theage

Prince William School

An unusual school in New Brunswick. It was built at Prince William Station to accommodate the family of one man: Ross Jamieson. The children before

Andrew Robison

Born June 29, 1869 died February 16, 1934Son of Marshall Robison and Mary Herbert

Honoring Outstanding Contributions: Our Wall of Recognition

Discover the remarkable individuals on our Wall of Recognition, honoring those who have made significant contributions to the Harvey region. From arts and science to business and education, or through volunteering and historical preservation, these local heroes have shaped our vibrant heritage in exceptional ways.

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